Writer Igniter Con 2020

Featuring three separate workshop intensives, this conference will act as your guided tour to writing and finishing your novel!

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Each intensive comes with multiple video lessons and writing prompts designed to get your momentum going.

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An online writing event like no other!

Unlike in-person retreats that involve travel and taking time away from your regular schedule, Writer Igniter Con is delivered entirely online and is designed to fit around your schedule.

Writer Igniter Con features over 25 on-demand videos that you will have access to beginning 12:00pm ET on October 31 and ending at 11:59pm ET on November 30. You can watch and re-watch the videos as many times as you would like for the 31 days of the event.

Major conferences—both online and in person—often include every topic imaginable. While this might seem like a great value, you can also end up sitting through sessions you just don't need. 

Writer Igniter Con focuses on the three fundamental aspects of the craft: character, world building, and plot. Plus, the writing exercises will help you put the techniques into action.

Character Intensive

Every story starts with a character. In this intensive, you will…

     • Discover your protagonist’s traits and deepest desires
     • Dive into the secondary characters who surround them
     • Learn a new way to evaluate how your characters are
        portrayed on the page

World Building Intensive

World building is much more than crafting descriptive settings. In this intensive, you will…

     • Explore the Ecological Systems Theory of world building
     • Dissect the individual layers of your world that drive your                character’s experience

     • See how to create conflict and tension using your world                    building

Plot & Structure Intensive

All stories follow a narrative arc. In this intensive, you will...

     • Review how three acts with two pivot points combine to
        create one story structure
     • Master the necessary elements of a good beginning, middle,          and end
     • Determine what type of outlining technique is right for
        keeping track of your story and plot

An immersive online event, designed for motivated word nerds!

Gabriela Pereira—Instigator and Founder of DIY MFA—created this event especially for the word nerd community. During this month-long program, she will share her years of knowledge and experience, as well as concrete strategies to help you finish that novel of your dreams! Throughout these intensive workshops, she'll also give you focused assignments so you can make major progress toward your goal.


An awesome rate for our awesome community!

When my team and I first started designing this event, we planned to offer each of these intensive workshops individually, each priced at $49. Then 2020 happened, and we realized that now more than ever writers must be craving opportunities to connect with each other, master the craft, and immerse themselves in a writing retreat experience.

Most writing conferences, retreats, and courses cost hundreds of dollars, but we wanted Writer Igniter Con to be accessible to as many writers as possible. This is why we’ve decided to bundle all three and offer the entire series of workshops for the same price—just $49 total! This is an exclusive rate and we most likely won't offer it again.

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